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Landscape Of Deception (2018)

The Landscape of Deception talks about my anxiety about blurring contexts, the historical setting of violence in one place. A beautiful location, sometimes storing a completely different history. Behind the subtle and graceful scenery, hidden dark stories, gloomy and heartbreaking, far from their appearance and designation. It could be that the beauty was intentionally made to obscure the dark history, and was carried out by the government or the local community with the aim of diverting the past from us.

One of Indonesia's dark history is Tragedy 65. At that time hundred million innocent humans were killed and their bodies were thrown away in places far from the crowds and covered by scary stories to avoid people to come. But today situation has changed. These places also changed. The places were opened as tourist places, inviting people to come. These places turn into stunned, organized and well-maintained space. Far from the grim and gloomy impression which the murder took place. History is no longer discussed. People then forget. And today we don't realize it. In fact, we are often lulled by the elegance of the place, so we never question it again.
It turns out that beauty can also deceive us.