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Landscape of Deception (2018)

We often come to a place without understanding the actual historical context of the area, sometimes because it is hidden and no longer talked about. Many places have a dark history of violence, and today we do not realize it, even we are often lulled by the beauty of the site so never question it again. 

Letter To The Lost One (2017)

A case of disappearing persons always leaves many questions and uneasy feeling even if we do not personally know that person. A story of a missing person draws a lot of attention and speculation that made us think of many possibilities of what might have happened and it mingles between fiction and reality.

Investigating Boentardjo (2016)

This work is a presentation of the investigation process by Rangga Purbaya about the existence of his grandfather, Boentardjo Amaroen Kartowinoto. Rangga Purbaya has never met his grandfather because the grandfather was disappear in 1965 – long before Rangga was born – and has never return since then.

Stories Left Untold (2015)

It was only after the end of the Suharto’s regime in 1998 that my parents told me about what had happened to my late grandparents. Boentardjo Amaroen Kartowinoto, my grandfather, was captured and probably killed during the massacres that happened throughout Indonesia in 1965.

Alhamdulillah We Made It (2015)

As seen from the posters post 2nd World War, this project is to visualize the idea of a dream land for the immigrants, who are stranded and being held in immigrants camp, especially in Java.

Faraway So Close (2013)

This work is the recorded interviews with two citizen of Semarang, accompanied by landscape photographs of an area called Candi Baru which was presented via a touch screen (tablet), as well as projected onto the walls of the exhibition space.

Bon Suwung (2012)

Bon Suwung is a collaborative project which explores wasteland potentials as a territory that creates a viable transformation of the relation between people and city-spaces. The project title inspired by Gunawan Maryanto’s fiction narrative (2005) is used here to represent the complexity surrounding wasteland formations in Indonesia, particularly in Yogyakarta.

Postcard From The Past (2012)

Colonial photography workshop by Noorderlicht Project at Langgeng Art Foundation

Des Indes Orientales (2012)

This work is the result of research and process record of historical research project of the Indian community in Yogyakarta. Research project which lasted for 2 months aims to explore the history of the Indian community in Yogyakarta, through collaborative research and artistic experimentation.