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Faraway So Close (2013)

This work is the recorded interviews with two citizen of Semarang, accompanied by landscape photographs of an area called Candi Baru which was presented via a touch screen (tablet), as well as projected onto the walls of the exhibition space. With the size of very large images and recorded in detail with a very sharp (ultra high resolution), we can choose each section, and then look in detail the elements that appear in the photo. The house-to-house built on hilly ground, color and cut any clothes line at the front door of the house, as well as the activity of three people who were there. “So far what we know and how close we were able to see this?”
Candi Baru, this area was built in the Dutch colonial period in 1916, and specifically designated as a residential area of the Dutch and European peoples. At that time, Oei Tiong Ham, the king of sugar at once Majoor der Chinezen in Semarang is the only non-Europeans who had the privilege of staying at the Candi Baru area.