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Alhamdulillah We Made It (2015)

Circa 1945-1949, Australian government launched immigration program to significantly increase the number of white-skinned population. One of the propaganda tools was using posters showing Australia as the future land, promises of occupation, house and more opportunities for European, especially British. The target was set to increase the population by 1% of the immigrants. In 2014 – 2015, we have witnessed the escalation problem caused by immigration, and the problems have become a serious humanitarian issues. Desperate measurements had been applied at some migrants target countries, like Australia and some European countries. It is as if we had forgotten that the ancestor of all nations are migrants.

Work Concept
As seen from the posters post 2nd World War, this project is to visualize the idea of a dream land for the immigrants, who are stranded and being held in immigrants camp, especially in Java. Using photography, subversively this project is to make the immigrants dreams come true, as to stay and live in Australia.